Category Project Title Research Period Government Dept
Material Component Technology Development Development of Ultrasound Core Modules and Treatment Devices Utilizing Eco-Friendly Pb-Free Piezoelectric Materials Jul 2023 ~ Dec 2027 Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Industrial Technology Innovation Development of Ultrasound-Mediated Drug Delivery Technology for the treatment of intractable cancer Jun 2022~Dec 2024 Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Medical device usability support project Development of topical transporter(DDS) for anti-cancer drug Apr 2021 ~ Oct 2021 SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency
Government-led medical devices R&D project Development and Leading Commercialization of an USgHIFU for Intergrated Treatment with an AntiCancer Drug for Pancreatic Tumor Sep 2020 ~ Dec 2024 Korea Medical Device Development Fund
Bio-Health Custom Assignments Analysis and promotion of the effects of ultrasound-sensitive drug delivery system technology Jul 2020 ~ Sep 2020 SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency
Research manpower support project Project to support the recruitment of new research personnel Jun 2020 ~ May 2023 Korea Industrial Technology Association all rights reserved
KIURI Program K-BIO New Growth Engine KIURI Human Resources Training Center May, 2020 ~ Oct, 2023 Ministry of Science and ICT
Healthcare technology R&D project Development of novel brain tumor treatment by the penetration of blood-brain barrier with US-sensitizing nanomedicine complex Apr 2019 ~ Dec 2020 KHIDI
Gyeonggido Technology Development Development of image-guided drug delivery technology of nanocomposite containing ultrasound-sensitive anticancer drug for breast cancer treatment Oct 2017 ~ Sep 2018 Gyeonggido Business & Science Accelerator
TIPS Program Global Expansion Support Image-guided therapeutic agent delivery system using ultrasound contrast agent complex Sep 2017 ~ Sep 2018 MSS
Advanced Medical Technology Development Development of a chemotherapeutic agent encapsulating nanoparticle-microbubble nanocomplex for ultrasound guided hepatocellular carcinoma therapy using hepatic artery embolization Nov 2015 ~ Jun 2019 KHIDI
Medi-Bio Cluster R&BD Planning Support Technology & market research and licensing strategy establishment for convergence therapy of FUS and microbubble complex for treatment of pancreatic cancer and breast cancer Jun 2016 ~ Aug 2016 SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency
TIPS Program Image-guided therapeutic agent delivery system
using ultrasound contrast agent complex
Oct 2015 ~ Sep 2017 MSS


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